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Temporary Staffing:

Aegel Software Solutions is a preferred partner for companies across geographies to cater to their contract staffing requirements. We partner with multiple organizations for their temporary staffing requirements and we deliver within committed time frame and quality level expectations.

We nurture concepts like Virtual Consolidation of Bench and keenly follow the changing dynamics of the Staffing to create a niche of its own. Our Search Consultants are industry experts and have local market expertise allowing them to quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

Value Proposition:

1. Virtual Consolidation of Bench:

We have a consolidated database of consultants coming out of projects and getting into virtual bench. These are resources which can be immediately deployed, having hands on exposure on live projects with the usage of latest tools and technologies. At Aegel, we have an association with Practice based IT companies, staffing companies and also project driven companies to create this universal virtual consolidation of Bench.

2. Practice based / Project based IT Consulting:

Creating niche is the necessity of the hour. Aegel staffing services have a strong focus towards this as it creates value chain evolving consultants, project managers and delivery managers. This also helps our clients to look at us for their specific projects & IT practices in mind making us their partner in the project level dependency and deliverables across technologies, domain and vertical.

3. Unlimited Bandwidth for Critical Projects:

We have the ability to deliver Pan India with recruitment offices present in major Indian metros, giving us the bandwidth to undertake large, multi-scale contract staffing assignments

4. Extensive, Skilled Database:

We have an extensive database of available skilled talent to offer our clients an immediate response to their contract staffing requirements.

5. 3600 Management of Employment:

We manage the entire lifecycle of contract employees' right from interviews, joining & wage management till exit & other administrative functions. This relieves our clients with bandwidth to focus on their core activities.

6. Quick Turnaround:

We fill vacancies with relevant and competent resources, within the stipulated timeframe maintainingstrict SLAs of selections & joining.

Permanent Staffing:

We provide comprehensive and affordable contract staffing solutions.

We realize the complexities of finding an ideal candidate from a huge database of talented professionals. The recruitment process can not only be very exhausting but also consumes large resources and valuable time. We simplify this tedious process for you allowing you to focus on core competencies and increase productivity. As a preferred partner for recruitment, outsourcing & permanent hiring by various global organizations including Fortune 500 companies, Aegel has the expertise and mission critical knowledge of handling turnkey projects. We identify, assess and recruit the best talent for your permanent positions.

Our focused group of professionals has a clear understanding of global markets and consistently delivers flexible solutions and continual support to give you a competitive edge. Aegel offers hiring services at various levels of the hierarchy from Executives and seniors to mass hiring.

We are a one-stop solution offering continual support for all your permanent hiring needs.


  • Executive Search
  • Senior Hiring
  • Mass Hiring Solutions


  • Access to a team of dedicated recruiters with operational expert
  • Structured approach and customized recruitment solutions
  • Qualitative research initiatives
  • Portfolio Management
  • Client Orientation and valued partnerships
  • Continual support at each stage of recruitment process
  • Access to a large pool of talent
  • Turnkey, time-bound deliverables
  • Campaigns and Mass Sourcing
  • Capability Augmentation

Contract Staffing:

"Contract Staffing" as the name suggests is way of recruiting required manpower on contract. This contract could take place between one company and one individual or between two companies. Our staffing service helps our clients quickly ramp up project teams with as few or many qualified consultants as are required to fill short-term and long-term needs.

We employ innovative techniques to access the best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends. Temp Staffing is a method of staffing in organization where the employee is recruited on a temporary basis from another organization that provides manpower. He is not on the payroll of the company. The salary and benefits to a temporary staffer are paid by the staffing company i.e. the company that provides the manpower. Temporary staffing is a phenomenon that is increasingly catching up.

Temporary staffing requirements usually appear during unforeseen situations such as sick leave, maternity leave, peaks in the workload etc. Some of the advantages in temporary staffing include:

  • Reduction in administrative overheads.
  • The organization does not have liabilities associated with permanent employment
  • The duration of the contract can be flexible.

A study of US companies says that companies using temporary staff (called contingent staff in the US) have higher margins, profits and market cap.

Risk Mitigation

Contract staffing is increasingly becoming popular among the corporate houses because of the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the practice. There are certainly some significant benefits that the companies get from the contract staffing solutions. Here, we point out some of the benefits that the companies get by opting for contract staffing solutions -

  • Operational cost reduction
  • Increased ROI
  • Minimal payroll maintenance and hence increased revenue per employee
  • Experienced human resource for specific and time bound jobs
  • Less administrative responsibilities
  • Eliminate the factor of high attrition rates
  • Increase the resource mobilization for other core areas of business
  • Reduce the problem that arises from leave vacancies.

It is not only beneficial for the employers but also for the employees. Let us see how the employees are benefited from the process.

  • Flexibility and freedom at work
  • Less stress and responsibility
  • Better pay packages for experienced workers
  • Wide exposure to different industries
  • Chance getting permanent job.

So, it is evident that contract staffing creates a win-win situation for both - the employer and the employee as well. This is the main reason for why more and more companies are opting for temporary staffs and professionals as well as fresh graduates are opting for temporary jobs or jobs on contractual basis. We, Aegel Software Solutions, are a Staffing and Implementation company, which is operating in diversified industryverticals including the IT, ITES, Consumer, Finance and Healthcare industry.


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